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Welcome to CN's TCCA News

On This Page:

• Gone Fishin' by Manny Luftglass

• Century Village Sunfish Sailors

• CenWest Fishing Club News

Last Updated 12/04/2014




Manny Luftglass

Manny Luftglass (above) and his wife Karen own a townhome in the Fountains in Lake Worth, FL. They travel south to it from New Jersey as often as possible. Manny spends most of the winter in Florida fishing. He is the author of "Gone Fishin" For Beginners". Mr. Luftglass writes this column for the Condo News print newspaper.

2014 - 2015 Season

November 26, 2014

Warning to All Fish -- I’m Back!

Karen and I got back to Lake Worth on the 12th and after unpacking, etc., I finally got out on the water again on Sunday, the 16th, and boy, was it ever good to be on the Lady K that day!

And how good was it? Hey, I caught two yellowtail snappers, a squirrel fish, one sand eel, and a dozen or so blue runners and that was pretty good, but if you look at my past three months, you may feel that it was far better than that!

You see, I nearly died and that wasn’t a good thing at all! Hopefully, our health writer and editor and publisher, Betty, may find the time to write separately about it, but in brief, on 8/29, I awoke with severe pain in my left inner thigh. The day before I spent nearly four hours in my dentist’s chair as he struggled to remove a dental implant that he had predicted "was so loose that it will quickly come out". Well, not so much.

Most of us have either read about or even know someone who has suffered from a pulmonary embolism. In brief, that’s a blood clot! Your knowledge probably goes back to hearing about someone who spent lots of hours during a long airplane flight and often enough, a blood clot forms, generally in a leg, and this is no easy problem to deal with.

But my blood clot hit my leg and when I talked to my DDS about it, he was clueless, or at least he acted innocent. So fast forward, the clot traveled into my lungs and early in October, I woke up, went downstairs, and suddenly couldn’t breathe, collapsing to the floor! Long story short, the Rescue Squad responded to my 911 call, as did an ambulance and the N. J. State Police and they hooked me up to oxygen and took me to the local hospital.

Two days later, the head of the I. C. U. of the facility heard my story and immediately realized that I had suffered from a pulmonary embolism and after conducting several tests that proved him to be right, quickly had me blasted with what they call a four hour "Clot-Buster" and the clot/s quickly went away from my lungs. It still exists in my leg but may go away soon.

I am now on a blood thinner for the rest of my life to try and prevent a future clot but the bottom line is that, more than likely, had the DDS gotten me up every hour to walk around, this never would have happened.

So, wherever you are, train, plane, dentist’s chair, get up and walk around often, willya?

Scuze me, gone fishin’

Sunfish Sailors of Century Village

By Dot Loewenstein

Century Village's Sunfish Sailboats

Photo by Dot Loewenstein

CenWest Fishing Club

By Al and Alice Roth

CenWest Fishing Club Members aboard the Lady K

CenWest Fishing Club 

Condo News columnists

Alice and Al Roth. 

2014 - 2015 Season


Hi Everyone: Welcome back snowbirds! We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and came back healthy and ready for a new year in Century Village.

We had our first meeting of the season on Wednesday December 3rd. Our President Captain Mike had many new ideas that he shared with us at our first meeting. Our guest speaker was Eva Rachesky Vice President of W.P.R.F. Eva answered questions  rebuilding our fishing pier and how she is involved in rehabilitating our Lake.  

Any new members who wish to partake in our club activities are always welcome. If you have any further questions please call either Al (561) 242-0351 or Club President Captain Mike at (570) 445-4391. 


The Condo News print newspaper is published every other Wednesday. It is circulated throughout Palm Beach County, from Delray to North Palm Beach, and from Singer Island, Palm Beach and South Palm Beach to Royal Palm Beach, in Condominium, Cooperative and Home Owner Association Communities. For more information, or to have the Condo News  brought to your community, e-mail us or write to: P.O. Box 109, West Palm Beach, FL 33409. Tel:(561) 471-0329